delightfully fall finds

here are a few of my favorite things i found on etsy.com... i thought i'd share my finds...

Looks almost good enough to eat! Can't wait to have a bathroom with a real bathtub!!!

Love this bag... plenty of room for a good book!

A couple of cutsie owls.... Lacy... this reminded me of you!!

If only I could pull this one off... Perhaps if I reinvent my look...

Love Love Love this... perfect autumn color with a hint of Halloween!

I totally love sparrows... might even get one inked...

Way neat Halloween accessory! Too fun!

Who doesn't need a fun tree??

These look WAY too comfy... think I might have to check 'em out.

Check out Etsy if you want to be stuck clicking 'next' for days while gawking at all the lovelies! Happy clicks!