here goes nothin' #1

so, first on the list of blogs i HAVE to write is The Story of My Most Serious Injury... which is going to be pretty difficult for me. i've thought and thought and thought some more about this one, and i really can't come up with anything too significant (or at least not worthy of a blog...) so, i guess i'll have to settle for something a tad boring, and then share my sister's most serious injury because, well, i have to admit, it was all my fault! i'd have to say mine would have to be when i got a spring stuck in my finger~ yep, that's right, a spring! i can't remember exactly how old i was, but i do know we were living in the great state of alaska at the time. for the super long days of summer there, the parentals got us a trampoline. the whole family, and the next-door neighbors were all putting it together~ i apparently wasn't paying enough attention to what i was doing and the spring i was attaching slipped. it got completely stuck in my right index finger! so gross, and because of my age, i was horrified & did my best impression of johnny drama *emphasis on DRAMA* from entourage~ and a tad too well i might add! the rest of the evening turned into a fun-filled trip to the emergency room complete with a tetanus shot. boo. 

now for a real serious injury story! *although, when it happened, i feared for my life and thought i had broken my little sister for good*

we were seven and four, or close to it and living in germany... we were playing in the bathtub and decided it wasn't fun anymore... i got out of the tub, dripping water all over the already-slick tile floor all-the-while thinking it would be brilliantly fun for my little sister to stand on the edge of the tub and climb onto my back so i could carry her to our room down the hall... all was going according to my plan until the next thing i know we are falling fast and in a split second my sister is screaming bloody murder. ( rightfully so since she was gushing from her right eyebrow!) mom comes running to see what we are yelling about and find my sister; still bleeding... but at this point she's asking to look at her head in the mirror rather than freaking out anymore! she has always been quite a trooper when it comes to anything involving pain, even getting dental work with no drugs! what a nut... so anywho, i learned my lesson about slippery floors, and my sister has had a lovely scar to carry around on her face her whole life, all in the name of sisterly fun... we can laugh about it now, especially because you can see where she hit the corner of the tiles exactly, but it wasn't very funny back then! stay tuned for blog #2... the person i most admire... should be a fun one!!