lists, lists, and more lists

so i was surfin' the web, as i love to do... and came across a blog entitled: '100 blog topics i hope YOU write' and thought it was an interesting idea. this particular blog was a little too social-media-minded for me, so i did some more searching. sure enough, i found another list which was based on Chris Brogan's original article. i've challenged myself to write the blogs listed; there are 55 of them to be exact. i think the reason this list 'spoke' to me is because they are mostly topics i'd likely never write about on my own. so, i'm on my way to writing #1.... The Story of My Most Serious Injury... Join me, if you dare! *if you decide to join me, i'd really appreciate a link back to my page* stay tuned for the blog!!


  1. This is a fun idea! I might try it. I think I write too much about the same stuff - namely food, music, Hannah, Japan and personal trials. It'd be nice to have a change of pace.

  2. do it with me- it'd be great!


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