boxes, bags, & cleaning supplies

hello from my tiny little apartment i never knew could hold so much crap! we are in the process of moving, and are ALMOST out of our itty bitty teeny weeny apartment and i couldn't be happier. growing up moving around so much as an army brat has made me come to love moving time. a time to clean out, and clean up, and throw away gobs and gobs of junk that you thought was 'such a great buy' or that you 'really need this'. turns out, it wasn't needed, or wanted, and i didn't even remember i bought it after pulling things one-by-one out of closets and drawers and all of the little places we shoved things. i am feeling as if i can breathe again. things are looking up. we are almost out of japan and moving on to our next adventure. for too long i have felt stifled, bored, and miserable here, and we are slowly crawling out of that existence. yahoo!  ch-ch-ch-changes. 

what's the best moving experience you have had? what is that one thing you HAD to buy that's sitting in your closet (which you have likely forgotten about)?? clean it out- sell it on craigslist.... OR take it to the second-hand shop and let someone else decide it's what they HAVE to have! or you could do like we do, give it all away to people who truly appreciate your good will. then smile about it.  

good luck! and happy cleaning/ packing/ getting rid of what you have forgotten about!