love, shabby apple style

my drawing needs some work... but i am hoping you get the idea. so, i came across a website called shabby apple dresses while i was hanging out in taza's fabulous little nook on the net. i immediately fell in love with their adorable clothes, and had to send the link on to another friend i knew would adore them too! while checking out their site, i found the link for "dare to design" and my little bit of artsy-ness made me check it out. that's why i'm writing this right now, as a matter of fact, to share with you my "dress design for shabby apple dresses. i made some design comments on the photo itself, but was also thinking that a light cotton fabric would be great for this, and could be any color. the lace contrast could be coupled with a satin fabric underneath to ensure it isn't see-through (duh!) and also to give it some depth. anywho, as you can see, i'm not the best at drawing, but i thought i'd try my hand at this to give myself a tad of a challenge. i thought it should be a little funky, and a little flirty to ring in the springtime!! let me know (honestly) what you think, i'm anxious to hear!! happy stitches!

ps... if you click on the photo below, you'll get a bigger version so you can actually see it ;)

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  1. Cute!! I'd totally wear that - very simple and chic. Sigh. You have so many talents . . .


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