so, today,

as i sit waiting on a crumpled-looking faded red sofa~ i ponder.

~the sopping tea bag hanging in my now-empty brown mug with the pretty scalloped edge. 

~the way japanese people have a hatred of heat in the winter & how they don't turn it on

~having five days of work left- ten days left living in japan

~if finding a job will be easy when we return- or if i'll have to work at yet another place i hate (which would be a repeat of what we are currently escaping)

~wearing the new skinny jeans i just bought from uniqlo (japan's answer to old navy & the gap)

~possibly buying cute flats to wear with them

~the fact that i just finished an amazing book and must attempt to find another which will compare in enjoyment

~all of the beautiful places we have seen while living here (see above pic)

~my fingers turning purple from the cold as i write my blogs into my favorite blue plastic notebook

~the season of scarves, leg warmers, knit hotpants (super popular here right now) and fun knitted hats with pom-poms on top as we are heading to hawaii

~changing my hairstyle (if you can call throwing it up in a messy ponytail a style) haha... 

~all of the people i will miss from our time here in japan

~the crazy food items i will no longer be thrilled to find at the convenience stores

~the fact that i haven't seen the sun in way too many days.... hoping for a bright day today

what are you pondering today? 

happy thoughts!!!


  1. This is a silly thing to comment on, but I love the different font sizes and centered text of this post! I've seen this style in a lot of blogs lately, and I've been thinking of trying it myself. Cute cute cute!

    I, too, am ready to change my hairstyle. I'm thinking about getting BANGS! AGGHHHH!!!

  2. i felt silly (in a fabulous way) while making the text different sizes, it's like writing with a different colored pen for each homework answer in the 5th grade. it was liberating and enjoyable, and i'd recommend it to everyone! :)

    bangs would be good on you! you could totally pull them off! DO IT!


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