this morning...

i woke up feeling kinda blah... so i immediately took a nice hot shower in an attempt to wash the blah right down the drain... seemed to be working- that is, until i had made my morning tea and realized i had no milk in the apartment. there goes my morning getting better. boo. since i wasn't feeling like my usual happy-go-lucky self (note the ridiculous amount of sarcasm here- i'm less than peachy in the mornings!!), my incredible husband quickly got dressed and ran out the door with, "i'm going to get you milk" streaming out behind him. i sat on the floor and tears streamed down my face, knowing i was the luckiest, miserable-feeling girl ever. aaaaahhhhhh.... upon his return, i was greeted with a small carton of milk and the disclaimer: they were all fat-girl milks, and i couldn't find non-fat anywhere... sorry love. *he is well-aware of my disdain of what we affectionately call fat-girl milk around here- but because it was 7am, and the only stores open before 9am in japan are convenience stores- i didn't care!!* i finished making my tea and plopped down at my computer to get back in touch with my world after a few hours sleep- it always amazes me how much happens when you sleep. i was then explained this: 'cosmo magazine says that when you don't feel well, it helps to eat a cakey-stick-of-fudgy-goodness' (enter said cakey-stick-of-fudgy-goodness.) i must say, it was delightful first thing in the morning! then this happened: 'last time i read cosmo, it also told me the new haagen daas chocolate truffle had healing properties and also made love stronger and last longer.' (enter the ice cream god.) 

thanks to my wonderful-lovable-can't-say-enough-good-things-about-him husband, my day is getting better- one little bite of sugary breakfast at a time! he's my hero. plain and simple.