the parentals.

had an anniversary. it was yesterday and celebrated 31 years. yep, that's right, thirty-one years! WOW. so, because of the special occasion and the fact that the hubs and i are co-located with them right now we decided to go all out. there's something you must know before i tell you what we did. my parents do NOT go out to eat. my mom is a fabulous cook, so they don't see the point. there are a myriad of reasons: it's too expensive, it's inconvenient, bad service, oh yeah- and the main reason: my dad is spoiled by mom's fab cooking! ;)

the plan was my mom shouldn't be cooking on her anniversary and my dad would need to enjoy the meal. we thought long and hard (there are tons of great places to eat here in hawaii) and ended up deciding on Duke's. it's right on the beach of waikiki and has a covered, yet open eating area. it's fabulous and beachy and totally famous. we scored reservations and were well on our way to a (hopefully) good meal. we had to be there at 6:30 which meant we had to leave right around 5 to get there in enough time. traffic on oahu is a nightmare (and the locals think the metro is a stupid idea- hmmm...). we walked past the brand new trump tower. hmpf. fancy pen shop with 23,000 dollar pen. yep. denny's. conveniently located a block from trump. nice. christmas lights beginning to illuminate the trunks of every palm tree. humungous wrapped packages with bright shiny bows. string quartet on the street playing christmas music. a man covered from head to toe in newspaper sitting on a box. reading the newspaper. strange. more japanese people than i saw in japan.

then we are seated. it's noisy and delightful smells smack you in the face as we sit ogling the menu. there was a lot of fish. chicken. huge steaks (one of which a man at the next table was eating- RAW. it was red- completely red. gross.) anyway. there were yummy mixed drinks- both virgin and far from being virgin!

here's what we ordered:

red stripe beer (for the papa)

mango banana smoothie for the hubs that doesn't like the taste of alcohol.
a mango-rita (for mama- it was WAY strong but tasty!)
pau hana punch for me (absolut mandarin, lime, passion fruit & cranberry juices)
*if you like to drink, it's the place for you- yum-o!*

sashimi. yum.
poke rolls. yum x100!

huli huli chicken
steak and coconut shrimp
machong fish - lime and chili roasted
slow roasted prime rib

coffee (if you know our family at all - this is a MUST)
hula pie. (aka "holy crap. that's a huge piece of pie!")

*take a good look- it's macadamia nut ice cream with oreo cookie on the bottom and thick chocolate fudge covering the top. don't forget that whipped cream!*

as joey from friends would say, "WooooW!"

all of the food was incredible. i would honestly recommend everyone go to duke's if they are every here in hawaii (or near one of their places in cali). well worth all of it. one of the best meals we've ever eaten out. hands down. our hats are off to the chef.

happy anniversary ~ here's to many more.

happy eating! *or drooling over that pie pic!! (sorry, kira)*