things are getting a bit merrier....

so, this year i am struggling (even with only five days left) to get into the holiday spirit. last night i had a mini breakdown and cried to the hubs about how un-merry and blue i was feeling. *the blue is not just because the hubs likes the bedroom the same temp as an icebox- but that never helps- wink* 

this morning i awoke to an empty house - the hubs and his mom were out shopping already - and he returned with his usual 'i love you' gifts! what an amazing guy i have! first, was a tall skinny latte from starbucks- my ultimate pick-me-up. i would have been perfectly thrilled and 'picked-up' by just that, but there was one more little surprise.... a bottle of wonderful german eiswein. *in case you aren't a wino, it's wine made from the grapes which have been hit with the first frost- it's insanely tasty and i'd recommend it to everyone!* 

the day was filled with a little shopping in what i affectionately call 'kid hell' which is better known as toys'r'us. i have a serious disdain for that place because it is inevitably a zoo and everyone turns into crazed shoppers that HAVE TO HAVE such-and-such. boo for them. then there was homework... which was not fun at all. a lovely dinner at the in-laws new house. to top off the evening we lit the fireplace for the first time and sat around the fire with some yummy eggnog. 

it's beginning to feel a bit more merry. anyone else feeling grinchy this year?! 

happy last few shopping days!!