our 1st anniversary

dear lovey-hubby-of-mine, 

it's hard to believe a year has passed by already! we've been through a lot, found an adventure or two, and have embraced both the crazy and the suck. it seems no matter where we are, or what we are doing our 'special days' always end up being crazy and whirlwind and not what we imagined them... despite it all~ i'm sure we'll make this another one of our days to remember~ for always! 

i want to thank you for going all of our adventures~ we have had so much fun traveling the world together, never knowing what we'd find next. from iraq, to italy, amsterdam, hawaii, and japan to name a few, its never a dull moment. here's to a million more throughout the years!

when we met i never would have believed anyone who told me we'd end up being together- and certainly not married with a little munchkin on the way- but i am the happiest girl in the world being by your side. i wouldn't trade what we have for anything. thank you for always being there with me through the good and bad. i love you with all of my heart and dream about growing old together! to many more years of wedded bliss! cheers! 

xoxo, love bug