the cove

the hubby and decided we needed to check out the movie the cove - especially because we lived in japan for a while- and because its good to get educated on what's going on in your world. we sat down on our lazy sunday afternoon to see what the hype was about and found ourselves horrified by the complete lack of concern for others the japanese fishers and government "cover-up" artists had. 

i also learned the iwc (international whaling commission) is a HUGE joke. most of the people who were the reps for their respective countries had no clue about whales in the first place and most of them were falling asleep during the meeting. this of course begs my question: how are these people in charge of anything? how can we send these people to represent our countries on a global scale and think they make us look good? disgusting. 

the most interesting part of this documentary for me was that the man spearheading this fight to protect the dolphins is flipper's trainer himself. after spending so much time with flipper (actually named kathy) realized that captivity is not a good life for these animals. 

if you have some time, i would recommend anyone checking out this movie. i was glad i took the time to watch! also check out: www.takepart.com