a play on gray.

so, i thought it would be a few years down the road when i "penned" this story, but, alas, here i am. i'll try to set the scene first, and let the horror, disbelief, and sheer panic set in a little later. 

last week i had a phone interview for a potential job. during this interview i was informed there would be about four steps to the hiring process, but wasn't told exactly what these would be. i agreed i was OK with this, and at the end of the interview i was told the next step would be an analytical test. this test would last approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and was deemed 'DIFFICULT'... oh gee, thanks, sign me right up. grr. 

i had until sunday to complete this task, and on saturday i finally got around to it. the first part was about 35 minutes of reading multiple paragraphs and answering questions... think SATs... ick. then came the middle section which were two questions a piece of "what best describes you". this went on and on and on and i never thought i'd get done. the one response i got which i'd like you to focus on is 'i don't easily get stressed'.... just keep that in mind. 

fast forward about an hour. i am getting ready for bed; conducting my usual routine of brushing teeth, washing my face, and then dousing my skin with nighttime moisturizer. as i'm doing this i look into the mirror and spot what i believe to be a rogue gray hair. it's ok, i think, and reach for my fancy pink tweezers,  and go in for the kill. 

ENTER THE HORROR. "OMG" i yell loud enough that the hubs hears me... he's laying in bed playing scrabble on the iphone.... "what happened?" i hear... the response that courses through my mind is ,"what happened is that i am OLD, how did this happen?!" but i say.... "i have a HUGE streak of gray hairs... where do they COME from?!" in his usual fashion my hubs is sweet as pie and calmly, matter-of-factly states, "you are still beautiful, no matter what color your hair is." my horrified babbling causes him to come see what all of the fuss is about, and finds me with my face dangerously close the to mirror plucking hairs one at a time. there is a crazy streak that is forming in the front of my hair. the hubs reminds me, as if i wasn't aware, that "you got that from your dad!" thanks, papa, for the early grays.....

then the smartass in the hubs returns and he says, "i think we might have to go back to that test you just did and change that answer about stress to 'when stressed- she finds the culprit and plucks with vengeance'" i couldn't help but laugh and that point, but i'm still not happy with this new-found gray situation. but i would like to request i go gray like stacy london... cause hers is just sexy.

i did happen to come across an article recently though that might make my going gray a little easier... you can read it here. i really hate the idea of coloring my hair, and am not looking forward to doing it on a regular basis, but it might be coming to that. ugh. grr. eek! aah! 

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  1. Don't worry Courtney, I've got 'em too. Someone once told me gray hairs are sexy. Don't dye them! Let your gray hairs show solidarity! Woo! Gray power!


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