i had to run to the grocery store tonight, and i thought i'd see if i could (mostly) buy things i had a coupon for. i've been a little bit of a coupon maniac lately in between my job searches! so, i knew i wouldn't be able to COMPLETELY score because i needed fruit for the hubs' new snack diet. WHY ARE THERE NEVER COUPONS FOR FRESH THINGS? geez. 

*borrowed from cascadianfarm.com*

here's what i got: 

a half gallon of organic milk... no coupon, but it was on sale. yes.
yoplus strawberry yogurt... coupon
yoplait fiber one yogurt... coupon
stonyfield farms french vanilla yogurt 32 oz... coupon
cascadian farms granola... coupon & it was on sale. double yes.


i ended up saving $4.50 and got out of the store paying only $17 dollars!!! 

that's right, kids, i've turned into a big huge dork now that i have no job. but me likes the savings. i'm going to try this trick more often when i go shopping. now if i could only find coupons for meat and veggies~ let me know if you have any tricks up your sleeve for groceries! 

happy grocery day to you!