Bake It Pretty!

ok, people, if you like to bake, you really really really need to run over to bake it pretty and fall in love! they have everything you could possible imagine to make your baked goods beautiful! from fun cupcake papers, pretty packaging, molds, and sprinkles galore!

and speaking of sprinkles... which happen to be one of my favorite things!... the bake it pretty blog is doing a contest! click on the mix it up photo below to check it out!

i thought i'd enter the adorable little contest and share my entries with all of you! you can only have three combos... which is good because i think i honestly could have spent all day doing this :) colors AND sprinkles- i'm all over it! here are the combos i came up with- let me know what you think... and try it out for yourself~ you just might win! let me know which three of mine are your favs! i'm waiting to enter....

happy sprinkling!!

#1. pretty in pink
inspired by this photo:

#2. The Hills
inspired by this photo:

#3 sex on the beach (as in the drink...)
inspired by this photo: 

#4 sex and the city 2 (in honor of this summer's movie!!)
inspired by this photo:


  1. Cute cute cute! You have an amazing eye for color schemes, missy!

  2. why thank you! :) it's one of my favorite things to do... which might be why i enjoy sewing/quilting so much!.... hmm... off to ponder that....


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