fleetwood love

so, my mom happened to mention she saw an antique sewing machine in a table for only $39 dollars. i immediately asked, "does it work?" {she said yes} and "why didn't you buy it?!" {um... well... uh...} i promptly explained to her that, as she knows, i won't have the luxury of using her brand new fancy-pants bernina forever and i will need a sewing machine! {gasp! the thought of no sewing machine makes me shudder!} so... mom was, well, mom and told me she'd go make sure it was in good working order and if so, purchase it. yay! i was thrilled to find these photos in my email last night {please excuse the graininess, they were taken with an iphone} after showing them to the hubby he promptly told me it looked like a lemon... and to prepare myself for it's potential short life. he's very much not into vintage, but i'll keep him anyway! well, i'm off to make a birthday card for a party tonight! yay for new friends! happy friday everyone!

{swooning over it's utterly lovely vintage-ness}
{there are even drawers to organize my craftiness}
{i think all call her 'mac'~ what do you think?}