the world delayed me...

i know its been a while since i've blogged, and it is not because i haven't wanted to... i've just been in a funk i cant seem to shake... and now this morning i felt great, until i flipped my head over to dry my hair after my shower and then upon flipping my head back up, i felt a horrid shooting pain run the length of my back. now my upper back between my shoulder blades and into my lower neck are in excruciating pain. as i type this i look quite like the hunchback of notre dame, except i'm also sitting a bit sideways. i am not enjoying this, although my mood is super happy today for some reason (i'm NOT complaining!) so, in light of happiness billowing out of my soul, i wanted to share a fun little post i have adapted from a project called a week in the life i saw recently on alie edwards' fabulous site! what would yours say?! '

i am thinking
                  I need to work on bring happier, and how much I am dying to open my own etsy shop!

I am thankful
                  for my amazing hubby who makes me smile, even when he’s sleeping.

I am eating
                  yogurt and granola… with a cup of coffee…mmmmmmm!!!

I am learning
                  to quilt on my mom’s sewing machine. Yes.

I am wearing
                  my usual- tshirt and capris with my birkenstock. i am beginning to think i need a new wardrobe…. a grown-up looking one!

I am creating
                  products i can sell on etsy and i’m working on finishing up a baby gift for my lovely friend, kate who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her first baby!

I am going
                  to get through this pain. no matter what.

I am reading
                  wicked: the life and times of the wicked witch of the west

I am hoping
                  the roundup i just sprayed all over the weed with thorns in the garden works quickly so i can plant the fun two-tone grass i bought and my lavender!

I am hearing
                  cheesy soap operas on the tv i am not sure why i haven’t yet turned off from the morning news.

I am buying
                  nothing because we are trying to save our money!

I am tweeting
                  about paper n stitch – All Modern Giveaway - A daily dose of handmade, design, and style inspiration http://shar.es/mhyDj

I am blogging
                  this lovely little list to all of you- and hope you’ll make your own and send me a link! hint hint! {wink}

I am texting
                  my hubby as usual… he’s in a really tough class for work right now and i’m sending him little motivations all week long!

I am watching
                  the l word- don’t judge. it’s drama-ridden and saucy and has so much girl-power.

Outside my window
                  are my cutie little barn swallows on the back porch tending to their eggs! i can’t wait for baby birds!! {plus i find it amazingly apropos because i want a vintage-looking swallow as my next tattoo!}

Around the house
                  i have most of my messed cleaned up! yay!!

On my facebook page
                  i am following the demi & ashton foundation and learning about how ohio has become a hot bed for human traffickers. we really need to do something about this.  

One of my favorite things
                        is when my hubby walks through the door after work and gives me his big huge smile and tells me he missed me. {heart melts every time!}