brain mash... courtney style.

there are so many little tidbits running through my mind i don't know where they begin or end... so i'm going to do a little mashup for you, kinda like they do on glee, but without the singing. you do not want to hear me sing. ouch.

if you aren't a gleek and don't know what i mean, take a listen:

1. i'm super antsy to tell you what our exciting news/ changes might be, but i still can't. if you know me at all you know how tough it is for me to keep a secret like this. i'm bursting at the seams! aggghhhh! i hope i can tell you SOON!!!!!!!!

2. my mister is the best ever. want to know why? he talked his boss into going to pick up tickets for us to a concert that he has absolutely no interest in going to just because he knew i'd love it! (the boss man had to be the one to get them because they were given away free to people with military id cards) so, last saturday we drove to the north side of dallas to frisco for a rascal flatts, kellie pickler, jon rich, and chris young concert at the pizza hut park (which just happens to be where fc dallas plays *heart flutters*) more on that later.

3. whoever came up with christmas in july is a nutcase. really? as if we don't get enough christmas beginning in october (sick, retailers, you are just sick) but we have to endure the endless posts and fliers and blah blah blah about christmas in july?! GRRRRRRRRR. if i see another christmas in july blog post i'm deleting you from my rss reader. this is not a joke. i'm serious people. 

4. i need a change. (i think this is my mantra.) i'm cutting my hair off cause i'm tired of looking like a lazy ass with my hair in a crappy plain boring icky yucky very bad ponytail. the only thing that makes me hair in a ponytail look fabulous is this: 

isn't it just a fabulous flower? i'm SOOOOOO in love with them. if you love them too, please go show some love to cicily over at swib design! she's fabulous and her hair flair is nothing short of amazing! i'll definitely be sporting some new hair flair from cicily with my new hair.... stay tuned for new hair coming later today!

5. we got a new mattress when we moved to texas and it felt great when we tested it at the store, but now i want to take a knife to it as an excuse to buy a new one. it's one of those pillow-top type mattresses, and after using it since february, it is already beginning to sink in the middle. this.is.not.cool. when the mister and i lay in bed together, i feel like i'm stuck in a crevasse. it's hard to climb out of there during my frequent night time bathroom runs! not loving it at all. anyone else have a mattress that is beating them up?

6. central texas. hill country. pretty place. we like it. but not really. it's in the middle of this HUGE state, and we are too far from austin to make it economical to go there every weekend. WAY too far from dallas. there are no farmer's markets in our area. this is driving me crazy. i hate produce from the grocery store- PLUS (other than walmart, which is not even right) there is only ONE grocery store in an hour radius of us! ONE, are you kidding me? HEB is nice and all, but c'mon people- have you never heard of variety, central texas? i feel as if we are stuck in a place that hasn't jumped on the bandwagon of progress. i'm usually not one for the bandwagon, but really, central texas needs to take a ride. stat. 

7. i want a lounge chair for the backyard so i can bake my legs in the sun for a bit. why can i only find lounge chairs that are upwards of 45 dollars? remember when you were a kid and you could go get the plasticy foldy chairs at kmart for like $5 bucks a piece? WHERE IN THE WORLD DID YOU GO? i love you and want one of you in lounge chair form. anyone have one in their garage you'd be willing to mail me? please?! 

8. ok, i'm totally done venting my crazy brain. i'm off to brave the downpour to pick up a fedex package and get this BORING hair fixed. see ya later. 

happy hump day!