challenge & giveaway!

hey there all my bloggies, 

here's the deal. there's this wonderful woman named inga i met when i was a senior in high school. we met through our youth group leader who happened to be her husband! chris and inga are the type of couple you meet when you are young and think, "wow i hope to be as great as them when i grow up!" over the years we have kept in touch, mostly through facebook and through mutual friends and most recently in hearing about 3seams that inga has started. 

i am humbled to be able to tell you about this amazing project that was started out of the overflowing love in inga's heart, and her drive to make this world better for our neighbors in haiti. i am in awe of the work inga is doing and have done what i can to help, but there is more to be done, and now i want to extend the opportunity to all of you! take a moment to read the below flyer and check out the 3seams blog. the stories are heartwarming, and the dresses are too cute! while you are there, keep the following photo in your mind and remember this is gladys' HOUSE, otherwise known as a tent and tarps. 

if you are able to donate, even just a penny, please do! every penny counts and i know gladys would appreciate it more than you can imagine! if you donate, i'd like to add a little giveaway to the mix- 

giveaway details: 
i will make a small quilted item that will forever remind you that you had a part in making a HOME for someone- i won't make it until the winner is chosen so you can pick out colors. 

if you donate, leave a comment for one entry and let me know you are helping out! 

for a second entry, google connect with me and leave a comment!

then, if you'd like a third entry, head over to the 3seams site and "like" them on facebook, then leave a comment!  

tell your friends in blogland - together we can make amazing things happen!
‘3seams’ $10 CHALLENGE!

‘3seams’ Mission: Reaching beyond ourselves through children’s clothing, promoting global interaction, and putting faith and love into motion.

Join the ‘3seams’ community as we reach out to those in Haiti!  Here’s how!!

Goal: 1000 people donate $10 which in turn raises $10,000.00!!!

Result: These funds will not only take care of a year’s worth of quarterly travel to support the ‘3seams’ seamstress program in Haiti, but it will also build THREE families in Haiti a NEW HOME!  $1600 can build a 2 room home for a family that is currently, most likely huddled into a tattered tent! 

Deadline: SEPTEMBER 15th … We have 3 weeks! 
Ready, Set, Let’s do it!!

How to donate??
We are raising these funds through our partnering organization in Haiti, The Apparent Project.  They are an amazing Non-Profit. 
Here you will be able to quickly donate through an online system! 
$10 quick and easy!  $10 that will change lives! 
Be sure to include a notation with your donation that says,
‘3seams’ CHALLENGE

For more information on ‘3seams’, visit our website!