so, about that list.

the blogs i'm crushing on at this particular moment are awesome, so i thought i'd do you one and share them with you. xo, courtney 

***(click the photos to link to their blog)***

for the saver: meet the savalots.

*banner by the savalots

these two are totally amazing and always have great ideas on how to save that money; you can't go wrong saving in this type of economy!

for the fashionista: meet keiko lynn.

*photo by keiko lynn

seriously, if i had any sort of fashion sense, i'd be thrilled. i am a daily reader of keiko's blog and i honestly think she's a real life version of lindsay price's character in the lipstick jungle (by the way, whomever is responsible for canceling that show sucks!) she's amazingly talented with her makeup and can make any outfit look smashing, that's right, SMASHING! 

for the seamstress: meet kelly.
*photo by kelly

i actually just stumbled upon kelly's awesome blog through kathleen at grosgrain who you also MUST know if you are  into sewing. seriously, this red top is so darn cute i wish i was fashionista enough to wear it myself. i think i'll just have to make one for someone's kid to wear though. anywho, kelly has an awesome story to go with her blog, so head on over and "meet" her for yourself.

for the builder: meet ana.

*photo courtesy of ana

ana makes the most amazing things out of wood. seriously, i'd like to hire her, or anyone else who could make me some killer furniture for my new house. (can you build things? ring me up. yes, i'm serious!)

for the lover of pretties: meet april.

*photo courtesy of april

april makes some seriously adorable stuff which she sells here. i'd love to learn how she makes all the super cute flower pins for your hair. go check them out. you'll love them.

for the foodie: meet rachel.
*photo courtesy of rachel

so, first of all i have to say, if you don't want to gain any weight, then DO NOT go to this blog. phew. crisis averted.

all you skinnies gone?! good. here goes. rachel has THE most delicious looking caramel brownies on her blog right now. they look so good i had to close my mouth so as not to drool on my keyboard. seriously.drool.worthy. i think i'm going to have to make some. soon. really, though, her blog has awesome recipes that i'm sure you'll put in your recipe stash. head over and check them out!

my featured friend blog: meet maria.

*photo by maria
maria ia actually a friend of my mother's... my brother and sister went to high school with her kids. she makes amazing sketches out of names. seriously, they are amazing. i have one that is a cherished possession that my parents commissioned for my basic training graduation and i love love love it. her sketches are an awesome way to celebrate the special events in your life. go check out her blog for examples and then don't forget to shop here!