make it count

today i struggled to find the motivation to leave the house. the motivation to run my errands. the motivation to go for a run. the motivation to do anything. the motivation to make it count. there are a myriad of reasons why. i won't bore you with all the reasons, but we'll suffice it to say i struggled. hardcore. but i found a way to muster up the strength to pull myself up by the boot strings and get moving. i ran my errands. i drove with the windows open singing like a crazy person. i finished a book and started another. i went for an amazing run. i made a delicious dinner. i'd say i made it count. did you make today count? if not, or if you need a bit of a pick me up on this thursday, take a ganger at this little video. i'm pretty much in love with it. make it count is my new official slogan. enjoy and much love. gg