*action-packed weekend~ blog style*

hello last weekend, remember us?

singing. on key. off key.
the ipod shuffle. i heart new music. 
talks about religion. work. life. enlightening. 
eyebrows. the kind you pluck. 
'i've got hurt feelings.' a song. a theme. 
a small man's wet suit. fitting for small men. 
marijuana plants. to decorate your garden?
secret crocodiles. (not alligators) childrens' imaginations.
glow sticks. blinding others with them. 
donjiris. in my parking spot. 
dams. reservoirs. secluded islands. 
beware. falling rocks. 
tallest mountain. climbing it. 
autumn leaves. tree roots. mountain flowers. 
photos of mushrooms. and gunfights. 
god chains. slippery rocks.
steep jog on a mountain trail. 
monks. their temple. conch shell horns. giant bells. 
dangling from a cable. riding through the clouds.
driving at warp speed. starvation kills. 
triple meat yakiniku. love crepe dessert.
boys. video game battles.
steak. chicken. lentil soup. peanut butter cups.
"we're just taking a nap in the car." why. we're waiting for you.
spooky october moon billions of spiders. 
moonlight walks. hand-in-hand.
peace. love. rock & roll. river rafting. 
bonfires. floating candles. 
good times. great friends.
unforgettable adventures.
priceless memories.

*howling at the moon*

beautiful autumn leaves

scary spiders galore!

shrooms of all kinds

this is what moonlight rafting looked like...