a note... on thank you notes

growing up an army brat wasn't exactly easy. i adapted and figured out my own little way of coping with it all. it seems part of this coping may be backfiring on me- but i don't know why... let's delve a tad further. i am insanely organized-

i will remember your annivesary
i will remember your birthday
when your kid(s) were born
what your favorite things are *and always be on the lookout for them!*

i memorize addresses & phone numbers with ease. i try to keep in touch with EVERYONE. i have always been a letter writer. hand written letters, i know, i'm a dinosaur. i am an avid gift-giver when special occasions come around. i do my best to keep up with everyone's current locations, and the gossip involved with their lives. i am a ginormous (that's bigger and stronger than enormous in case you were wondering) supporter of the tried-and-true thank you note. 

this brings me to my point. why don't people write thank-you's anymore? they don't even have to be hand written- send an email, twitter it, blog about it, facebook message, or use someecards.com. when someone sends you something for your birthday, or a wedding present, or a baby gift- the LEAST you can do is say 'thanks'!! 

geez. what is this world coming to? or is it me- is there such a thing as being too thoughtful? 

climbing off my soapbox, putting down the homemade megaphone. 


ps... in case you need a translation... here are a few... 

Mandarin     --     Shay-shay
German     --     Dahnk-ah
Portugese     --     Ohb-ri-gah-toe
Japanese     --     Arr-i-gah-toe
Italian          --     Grahtz-ee
French          --     Mare-see
Russian     --     Spa-see-bow
Cantonese     --     Doe-jay
Arabic          --     Shu-kran
Spanish     --     Grah-see-as
Scandinavian     --     Tak