another rainy, train day

texting teenagers
a sleeping girl in cowboy boots
an old man with luggage
a bot eating a roll filled with mayonnaise
man reading; wearing spandex; his bike in a bag
dave matthews singing the theme song
rice fields whizz by in endless plots
vines grow along the tracks, twisting this way & that
clouds hanging low over the mountains
a kid digs for his ticket; pulls out his cigs instead
a train conductor wears a mask; why for?!
trees are losing their leaves; nakedness ensues
i sip my starbucks; taking it in; enjoying my ride----

----how do you get yourself to work each day? i really hope to live in a place where i can either walk, or ride my bicycle to work/ school/ the grocery store when we come back to the good ol' us of a... it has been such a treat here to walk around our little town, and not HAVE to use the car if we don't feel like it. crossing my fingers that austin is walkable... cause i think that is where we are going! stay tuned for more details! in the meantime keep enjoying the ride!