i'm grateful...

...that my husband can see past my crabby days, and love me in spite of them!
...for the sun shining today after a week of cloudy and rainy days.
...that those rainy days got me in the mood to make soup and bake! yum-o.
...that my friend is preggers, and things are looking good- best wishes, i love you!
...i made good, albeit strong, coffee this morning which gave me the strength to strap on my shoes and greet the world. hello world. 
...we get to spend the weekend with people we adore. heart heart heart them.
...my hubby is as ambitious and carefree as he is, he is my opposite and keeps me ever grounded. 
...that there is a strawberry forming on my grown-from-seed strawberry patch! thrilling.
...there are only 20 days until i don't have to teach anymore. good-bye japan. hello america.
...fall colors popping up everywhere!
...for fresh produce presents from my students~ the most beautiful eggplant around!
...more people are checking out my blog, i really appreciate all of you! 

have a grateful sort of day! 

ps i lovingly borrowed this idea (in the spirit of the old adage 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery') from jasmine at an experiment in poverty. i heart her blog~ check it out- you'll love that you did! satisfaction guaranteed. 


  1. ... and I'm grateful that you shared your gratefulness with us! :)

  2. don't you hate those crabby days... I sure know I am greatful when my guy puts up with them... thats when you know its true love.

  3. i do hate my crabby days, especially when i recognize it and can't seem to change it! it's so frustrating! :/ but yes.... it's definitely true love!


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