drumroll, please.....

BOSTON CREME CUPCAKES have arrived on my blog! i had an absolute blast baking them and everyone around me ooh'd and aah'd the entire time i was making them. they were cheering me on the whole time, and it made it so much fun. the cheering section kept it up as they stuffed them in their mouths, but the ooh's and aah's became slightly muffled! haha. i wish you all were here to enjoy them with us but since you aren't you'll have to settle for the pictures and imagine the rest. next time you're in town, stop by and i'll make you some! the recipe i *mostly* followed can be found by clicking right HERE. good luck- and let me know how yours turn out!! :)

*aren't these little white pots too cute?!*

*the yummy homemade custard i made*

*my beautiful creations*


  1. your blog just make me really upset that you dont live in japan. why are you the cutest, and so on top of your blog.

  2. cause i love to make you smile- even though i'm soooooo far away now. miss you tons friend!!!


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