thankful november 11th

*my brother, sister and i saying goodbye to my dad*

this one will have to be a little bit more than just one thing because it's such a special day to my family and i. there are so many family members who have served, or are currently serving. both of my parents, myself, my husband, brother, sister, grandpa dawson, uncle roy, uncle jack, uncle les are just a few. thank you all!

first, i'm thankful for my sister and her husband celebrating their first anniversary happily and healthily in italy, in the shadow of their first deployment to afghanistan later this month. congrats you two~ i love you.

*kira & zack at graduation*

i'm also thankful for all of the soldiers, coasties, sailors, airmen, and marines; past, present & future. without them, our great country wouldn't be what it is today; a society where everyone is created equal and you have more rights than anyone else in the free world! what a place to live! i am thankful to have come home thrice from a war along with my loving husband. i'm thankful for having the opportunity to show my support of my country by serving for six years. i'm thankful to have served in the 101st, one of the most decorated units in military history, and can say i was part of the band of brothers. what an honor.

i am thankful~ on this, one of my favorite days of the year, i want to thank everyone who has served this great country i love with all my heart. each and every one of you are an incredible individual who gave up their comfortable civilian life to serve others. thank you thank you thank you!

*my mama and papa*

*grandpa dawson*

it's truly an honor to have been a part of something so much bigger than myself. for my friends who have fallen, you are always in my heart and on my mind, you touched so many lives while you were living and your legacy goes on.
R.I.P A.P. & L.B.B