i'm thankful november12th

sorry for the late post... mom and i were very very busy yesterday attempting to organize her sewing room. i really wish i could organize people's houses or their lives for a living... let me know if you know anyone who needs an assistant or needs their house organized. i'll be right there :)

for a real-sized kitchen to cook in with my mom! it's been great! i'm a maniac! i can't stop. i'll fill you in on all of the latest kitchen creations when i have some more time... right now we are heading out the door to go to our hawaiian quilting class! YAHOO! i'm learning applique and hand quilting- it's not easy! happy cooking! 

ps. what have you made lately that you were totally proud of?!

*a little taste of my hawaiian quilting... i'll be blogging more about it as i get it finished!*