i'm thankful 13th, 14th, 15th

*aren't the clouds beautiful and fluffy?*

i'm so terribly late on these, but i guess late is better than never. i've been very busy getting my fill of my mom in this precious little time before we leave hawaii. it's been so much fun i can barely stand it. but, without further ado- 

i'm thankful for the wind being blustery like it should be in november, even though it's coupled with blue skies and weather in the 80s. 

i'm thankful for my hubby being such a good sport when i continually interrupt his internetting to show him all of the creations i've been making. i love him. 

i'm thankful for a decent meal for $1.50 because we are trying to save our money for our time with no jobs. (but i'm really secretly scared because this economy isn't great, but more on that later!!)

thanks for bearing with me, friends, while i'm enjoying my vacation. i'll be posting more regularly soon! i have lots to share with you!!! happy thankful days to you!