i did it!

i felt i needed a change~ so i thought a lot about it, hemmed-and-hawed a lot, and then embraced it. here's how it started: 

first: new haircut. i told the girl in general terms what i wanted and gave her the liberty to do what she thought would be best for my face, etc. she was thrilled to be able to be artistic, and even kept me facing away from the mirror the entire time to keep the suspense building! i was in shock at the result, and am totally loving it! let me know what you think!

second: i got out of my traveling exercise slump. this morning my mom, chris and i all got up at 6am (to attempt to stay away from the hot morning sun) and walked and ran about 3.5 to 4 miles. it got my blood flowing first thing in the morning and made my whole day feel oh-so-much better!

third: i started the kellogg's special k challenge. i've done it once before and ended up feeling great at the end of the two weeks, so i thought it would be good to kick-start my get back into shape plan. one day down, 11 more days to go. 

fourth: we went to jamba juice. instead of getting the GINORMOUS thousand ounces of fruity goodness, i opted for the wheatgrass detox shot. (lacy- i finally tried it!!) it was served in a tiny (think smaller than those little plastic cups the dentist gives you full of flouride) cup on a tiny tray with a slice of orange as a chaser/ clean the (chris' description was 'dirty taste') earthy taste out of your mouth. i am not sure how to describe it, but it was pretty tasty to me. maybe i'm weird! chris opted for the much-more-normal pumpkin smash which was likened to pumpkin pie in smoothie form. it was too festive for its own good. luckily it is only available during the holidays; otherwise i'd be downing 370 calories of flavor overload all too often!

fifth: we shopped. went to old navy and bought some new shirts. i desperately needed them because the awful washer we had in japan had a knack for stretching all of your clothes into an oblivion. yay for that. but at least i got some new ones now! while i was there i decided to fully embrace this changing of mine and i bought a little dress. it's black (i know, i know... colors will come) and can be worn by itself or will be perfect with a pair of leggings! woohoo! can't wait to get to the cooler weather to try it out. in the meantime i'll just have to wear it in the sun! 

sixth: i made an uber-healthy dinner. black beans, chickpeas and a myriad of fresh veggies were concocted into a stew i made up as i went. it turned out great, and was a hit with the boys (who aren't big fans of soup). score

tomorrow i'll be up before the sun again running my ass off. literally. i'll keep you posted. in the meantime, what are the recent changes in your lives? happy ch-ch-ch-changes!

*first is straightened....*

*side view*

*better curly pic*

*the back*


  1. It is wonderful. What great layering!

  2. its super cute!!! it will be amazing in hawaii i love short hair and humidity.

  3. haha yeah it got REALLY curly yesterday morning when i did it because of the humidity. it's great! i just love that its super easy!


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