yesterday morning

*our loot*

we went to the local farmer's market here in honolulu. it is held in the parking lot of the community college at the base of diamond head. it's beautiful, and shady and green. there are amazing gardens planted by the students, complete with a billion different types of cactus. as you walk to the main entrance you are immediately greeted by the smell of fresh roasted coffee. there is handmade chocolate, orchids, bird of paradise flowers in buckets, pork sandwiches with yummy coleslaw, and a plethora of organic veggies. a bread shop which had every type of bread you could imagine: kalmata olive, cranberry walnut, herb, rolls, breadsticks, and scones. then there was the naked cow dairy. the name was so cute we couldn't pass up their tiny stall. it was packed with people vying for a front position where they could easily reach a tiny spoon to scoop up the delish-butters, herbed feta, or handmade cream cheese. wow. i could get really fat if i were friends with the girls who ran that place! my hubby was thrilled i brought him home a small container of the feta- that was, until i told him how much it cost. there's quite a premium for organic, fresh, good-for-you food. 

as we were eating some of our loot from the market, a commercial cam on the tv telling everyone about how they could get a double burger from burger king for one dollar. it's any wonder our country is so fat and unhealthy. what a shame. it makes me sad to think that most people would opt for the dollar burger rather than the local food because it's sooooo much cheaper. i think things in america are really backwards- i don't think that crazy healthcare bill is taking this into account. how sad. 

anywho, get your butts to your local market. you will love it. your heart will love it~ and you might find your own naked cows that make your head spin they taste so good! happy farmer's marketing!

*chinese beans~ not sure, but we're gonna try 'em*

*not sure what these flowers actually are, but they smell like paradise itself*

*so yummy*

*more beautiful tropical flowers*

*pork sliders on taro buns*

*fresh sun dried tomatoes*

*okra and the biggest papayas i've ever seen*


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  1. My brother tells me all the time how awesome the markets in Hawaii are. I'm insanely jealous. Everything looks delicious. Beautiful photos! Can't wait to see the new haircut!


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