lost in crafty land

hey everyone- i know, i know, where in the world have i been, right? well, i'll tell you- sort of. i got to my parents house here in hawaii and i fell into the abyss, otherwise known as the sewing room. there are piles and piles and more piles of fabric. there is thread in every color, size, and thickness you could ever want. there's ric-rack, buttons, stencils and marking pencils (also in every color). so, i went in to check it out and now i can't stop. i'm addicted. i am cutting and sewing and hand quilting and stitching until my fingers are raw. i'm working on a lot of new designs and i can't wait to share them all with you. *they just aren't quite ready for the public just yet* i am excited because i am in the process of deciding wether to open or not to open my very own etsy shop! i'm weighing the pros and cons and trying to finalize the ideas i am creating. if any of you have any tips or comments about having your own place on etsy let me know! i'd love to hear what you have to say about it! in the mean time, i promise i'll be posting more these days, i've got so much to tell you all, just not enough time in the day! yikes the hours just fly by when you're crafting! :) happy crafting to all of you! 

ps anyone have any suggestions for my shop name? if so, post a comment!