sunday, sunday, sunday

thank you for being so wonderful- every week- without fail. you are the perfect lazy day. you let me sleep in. you're quiet. you are full of nothing and everything and you refresh me oh-so-much. i slink out of bed late and the sun is already blazing. you convince me to lace up my tennies and hit the streets of this concrete jungle. you try to psych me out by raining like hell as i am walking out the door. i wait. patiently. you relent and allow me to run my tired legs and lazy body around the painful loop of the crater. my feet pad the ground. left. right. left. right. the tunes blaring in my ears keep me right on tempo. the hills seemingly laugh as i struggle to get to their top, but alas, i am triumphant. they can't break me. the wind almost did though! in my face up a hill which seems to never end- oh wind, i hate you sometimes! but in the end, i finished and get to spend the rest of this lazy day with my wonderful family. the only thing that could make it better would be my sister, brother and close friends all here to spend it with me! what are your plans for sunday?

happy lazy sunday, and happy footballing!!!