19th and 20th i'm oh-so-thankful!

i'm thankful for always being able to smile at my husband and his crazy thought processes~ it's never a dull moment with him, and he surely keeps me on my toes!

i'm also thankful for my husband giving me compliments out of the blue (especially ones i never knew he even thought!!) for example: yesterday he told me he thought it was adorable how creative i am, and that he was happy i could have so much fun doing crafts. today he exclaimed, rather emphatically, to my mother that i was an amazing driver! yep, that's right kids, i'm a good driver! who knew?! like i said, he keeps me on my toes and guessing every step of the way.

pretty sure i can say without any hesitation in the world my husband is perfect and i love him with all of my heart!

ps... he even buys me special surprises when i'm sitting with him at starbucks- what an angel! i love my new christmas ornament!!! thanks love! *kisses*

*aren't they adorable?!*