it's been a while...

since i've written. 

not because i don't like you guys anymore- just because i needed a little break from it all. the hubs and i are in the middle of a transition- which always seems to be the way it goes with us- and it's been a little trying this time around. we spent the first few weeks back from japan in lovely hawaii and had a blast. good weather, swimming outside in nov/dec was quite a treat, and my mom's fabulous cooking made it thoroughly enjoyable. i have to admit, it's hard to leave hawaii after you spend a month there! if only it weren't so expensive! 

so then we continued on to georgia to spend time with the hubs' family and kids. we got here before christmas. we're still here. we didn't plan to still be here. but we are. stuck. in. limbo. we are grateful that we have a place to stay while we are job searching, but there's something to be said about having your own place. we are ready to have our own bed, our own car, and our own stuff surrounding us. so, we wait. and hope. and hope some more. the worst is waiting on an email with potential confirmation of a job- please hurry up potential employer, you're making me crazy!

in the midst of all of this moving and visiting family and being in limbo, we found out that i'm preggers! yep, that's right, little ol' me is going to have a baby! it still seems pretty unreal, but the tighter my jeans get the more real it becomes! i'm finally feeling better these days now that i'm in the middle of week 10, but weeks 6-9 were pretty crappy. i was exhausted, everything tasted weird, and i was constantly sick to my stomach. i just kept hoping it'd all go away! i'm back at the gym these days and i'm running and lifting, so i'm feeling soooo much better. i'm hoping to keep working out until i can't waddle to the treadmill anymore. HA. 

there's the scoop for now. i'll keep you posted on the job- think happy thoughts for us!! i'll be back to regular blogging now- yahoo! 

happy reading!