sweet greens

so, i've decided that sweet greens is one of my favorite places to hang out on the net. jennie is the queen of all things green and has some of the best taste in the northeast! there are always reviews of fabulous green items, stories about her very cool job (check out her site to learn about it!), and some of the most fabulous giveaways on the net. i've had the pleasure of winning one of her giveaways and was thrilled with the spicy orange candle that showed up in the mailbox! what a treat! 

right now, she's offering a really fun deal, a goodies club, which you can choose the length of your subscription. each month you join you'll get a fun green treat in the mail. i just ordered a subscription for my sister who is in afghanistan as a little pick-me-up while she's in the third world! as soon as we get moved i'm signing myself up- i love love love to get mail, as i'm sure you do too! 

if you have a few moments, head over to her page and check out her etsy shop as well to sign up for your goodies! you all know how i'm a sucker for etsy! 

happy sweet greening to you!