have you ever found yourself lost in a daydream while taking a shower *read: while standing in the yummy hot water and not really showering*? i found myself in that exact place this morning. i was lost dreaming about my own non-profit, or starting something big, or figuring out how to make a difference. things that take a lot of thought. things you never know quite where to begin. 

but i'm trying. 

what was the last daydream you were lost in? do you think you could have better daydreams if your shower looked a little more like these? i sure do! 

*found at www.susanjablonmosaics.com*

*found at http://www.namibian.org/travel/lodging/private/okonjima-villa.html*

*found at trendir.com*

jane-hamley-wells-waterfall shower.jpg
*found at trendir.com*