ok, ladies...

i need your help. i was totally flabbergasted. i couldn't imagine. who. in-their-right-mind. would-even-remotely-consider. for-only-a-split-second. these:

*AKA: the easter basket*

*AKA i heart the USA*

*AKA argyle goes pimp*

So, this is the type of shoes i found while looking for a new pair of 'everyday' shoes to wear around. My question is: who in the hell is wearing these? AND where are you wearing them to???!!! All i want are some comfy sneaker-ish shoes to wear around now that i have completely worn out my adidas to the point that i am in serious pain from lack-of-support at the end of a shopping trip! 

Happy Shoe Shopping for Easter, 4th of July, and those Pimp-Nights out!!!