in search of a "box of love"

i know- the grocery store doesn't exactly evoke the fondest of memories, or squeals of delight, but bear with me and my grocery store story! i called the hubs on my way out the door to see if he could think of any 'must-haves' from the grocery store... he thought of most of the usuals that we have to have in the house: yogurt, milk, special k, granola, and fresh veggies... but then he gave me an added little challenge: he needed a "box of love". if you know me at all, i'm always up for a challenge and i love giving people gifts (it's actually one of my weaknesses, i'd rather buy something for someone else than something i really need. *like new jeans right now, my least fav item to shop for!*) so, i zipped out of the driveway to hit the heb supermarket which is luckily right down the street!

i usually attempt to stay on the most outside aisles of the grocery store (ie: produce, dairy products, meats) because then i don't see all of the yummy carb and sugar-laden boxes of tastiness, albeit un-healthiness of center aisles. i don't always make it through without hitting the center, but hey, i try not to... but this day in particular, i went straight for the junk food middle in search of a "box of love". 

there wasn't any certain item i was looking for, but i knew the right thing would just jump up and down on the shelf screaming, "pick me, pick me!!!!" sure enough. there was a white box full of kashi dark chocolate coconut bars jumping on the shelf. the perfect mix of chocolate, coconut and granola- YUM-O! i quickly grabbed the box and tossed it in the cart, and i tried to get out of the aisle... EXCEPT... there was one other thing acting crazy on its shelf and i just couldn't pass it up. a newly made bag of sun chips- a newly made bag that was COMPLETELY BIODEGRADABLE! holy jumping food items in the grocery store. what a genius idea! i couldn't leave them in the store. so, in the basket they went. 

you can read more about the bio-bag (as i'm affectionately calling it) HERE. they even have a neat little video you can check out!

if you'd like more info on kashi... you can go to THIS SITE. when you see the green 'support squad' pic on the front, click on the link to get a free sample! i know you love free stuff, and i haven't met anyone yet who doesn't love kashi! i know i'm a HUGE fan! 

thought i'd share the finished product "box of love" with you... 

what are some of your favorite 'love gifts'? or do you just love gifts? 

happy love gifting! *especially green gifting!*