a mini trip.

mom came to visit and we went on a mini trip to check on their house (currently being built) in elizabethtown, ky. if you are wondering, it's the same place the movie was made~ if you have a few minutes, the website is actually quite neat, and has GREAT music!

there was a little bit of everything on our trip- laughter, bad radio stations, fun exploring new places, frustration at the house progress, meeting new people and of course, good food! we got to go exploring in a fabulous little town called glendale. it is the perfect mix of old and new, good food and shabby chic wonderful! one of those places you couldn't imagine more adorable and fun, and a place you wish you could live right on main street. 

there's sherry at the mercantile who is just delightful! she's super bubbly and makes you feel right at home the second you walk into her shop. i found her utterly delightful, and after chatting for a few, felt like i'd known her for years! i ended up getting a fantastic sign which says 'forever and always, no matter what' from her that now adorns my mantle... along with some yummy instant coffee to send to afghanistan in a care package. there were a billion more things i would have bought if i had an endless amount money just laying around (or i honestly could have just moved right in to her other shop which is a stone's throw from the mercantile) it's the most perfect looking little shop with an arbor at the white picket fence- likely covered in beautiful flowers all summer long! ahhh... can you imagine it?! **gushing**

*even the benches are shabby chic*
my favorite store of all was the true kentucky store. everything in the shop is made by local kentuckians throughout the state. the building looks like the old mercantile building in town, and you'd never know it wasn't built way-back-when, but it is only a few years old! the owner of the shop built it, and it is stunning; and more importantly looks like it fits in the old-timey town!

the food at the whistle stop was totally yummy, and VERY southern. on the menu: fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, fried cheese... and then the not-so-fried meatloaf covered in tomatoes! the crowd and the wait to get in was a bit daunting, but it turned out to be absolutely worth the wait. oh, and did i mention the fried cornbread they kept bringing out in baskets? oh my!

there were lots of other shops to browse through, but we ran out of time. what a fun place to visit, though, and definitely somewhere i'd love to spend some more time in. if you are ever in the area, i'd recommend you stop by glendale- you won't be disappointed! 

happy travels.


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