long car rides make me crazy.

And other thoughts from the past two days in the car. We drove to Kentucky from Texas to check on the house my parents are building (it's a long distance relationship that is failing at this point because the builder seems to need a babysitter!) There is so much time during long car trips to listen to the music and think about a myriad of different things such as; 'why are there so many XXX adult stores along the highway?' and 'what do all of these people in the middle of nowhere do for a living that they live in these crazy mansions?' and 'why does every trucker seem to be swerving in their about-to-fall-apart trucks?' and 'why can't I find a clean bathroom in hickville?'... the list truly goes on and on. 

Which leads me to my next point. Where is all of the money going that the taxpayers are giving to the government for things such as road improvements and building a decent rest area so I am not afraid for my life when I have to pee after dark? I mean, really, people, is that too much to ask? Geez. You'd think I asked all those old men who make these decisions for their most prized possession... and we all know what that is, wink wink... just kidding. 

And then there is another little item I'd love to tell you about. I actually think I might attempt to get this little idea of mine passed into law! I think anyone who works at a gas station (mostly the ones where out-of-towners typically get lost) needs to know the approximate distances of major roads and general directions to major sites IN THE TOWN THEY LIVE IN. Again, is this too much to ask? 

After driving all day today and finally finding myself blogging in the kitchen of an old family friend at almost 11pm, I think it is time to sign off for now. I hope all of you are enjoying your week! I'll be back soon!

Happy Traveling!