dream home.

when you're a kid, or a bright-eyed teenager you always dream of what your life will look like when you are all grown up. 

the amazingly good-looking model perfect person you marry.

the great career that allows you plenty of spending money for vacations and nice clothes.

don't forget the big house with the white picket fence.

a fancy car.

does this sound anything like the dream you had when you were growing up? it sounds like mine. i was going to be living in the city in a fabulous loft during the week... and go to my huge house in the country on the weekends, too. HA. the thought, "how's that workin' out for you?" comes to mind. 

but since i've actually grown up and am currently an adult (or try to act like one when i absolutely have to!) i find i want that childish dream less and less. i am lucky to have found my amazing other half, and wouldn't trade him for the world. we have lived in some crazy places... the farthest places from being huge and having a white picket fence. we have lived in a bombed out building on an iraqi army post, an airplane hanger on an iraqi air force base, a tiny (think single bed, wall locker, desk and about three feet of walking space) room in a shipping container, and a small apartment in japan! each place has had its ups and downs, but i honestly wouldn't change it because it has really allowed us to appreciate what we have in each other! 

instead of the high-powered job in the city, i'd rather a work-from-home job and for us to live in something that is earth-friendly- with solar panels if i have it my way! that's why i immediately fell in love with tumbleweed- the tiny house company! 

i would love to have a tiny house for a myriad of reasons. 

less to clean. 
we wouldn't have as much 'stuff'.
the sun could shine right through the whole house!
less impact on the earth. 
more yard for me to plant my gardens.

could you live in a tiny house? and better yet- would you WANT to? i'm going to send this to the hubs while he's on his trip so he can see how wonderful they are! 

happy tiny house love day!

*photos and video from www.tumbleweedhouses.com*





  1. Well how fantastic is that? Thank you for sharing and for having a sweet little Sweet Greens banner to the right. {blush}

  2. Jennie, I know, right, amazing! How much fun would it be to build a tiny house... and then decorate it?!

    Glad to be able to support your blog with your banner~ I think its great!!


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