running genius.

that title seemed appropriate for so many reasons this week. first: because the makers of the original running shoe put out this commercial which i find completely perfect and utterly hilarious. check it out...

and then i found it appropriate because of my incredibly UN-genius moment i had on the treadmill the other morning. i thought it would be a great idea to do a little bit of running backwards. i slowed down the pace to a crawl to situate myself, and when i got my bearings, i sped it up just a tad- to my horror i felt the worst pain shoot to my lower back and i jumped off as fast as i could. {thinking, 'way to go genius' the whole time} as it turns out, the safety stop button on the front of the treadmill has a nasty edge on, which i was lucky enough to scrape the skin off my back with. nice. yep, i'm a brainiac.... ha... 

have i mentioned how much sweat burns when it gets in an open wound as i continue on my run? OMG i thought all the fires of hell landed right inside my skin! i chalked it up to character building and finished the run, but, i would not recommend it to anyone- ouch! the expression, 'no skin off my back' sends me into the shivers now... i'll may never be the same. ha. here's what it looked like after: 

it doesn't look that bad, but because it scraped off the skin it's pretty nasty... and what a strange place to have a wound! do you have any idea how insanely difficult it is to put a bandaid with neosporin on your lower back? BY. YOUR. SELF?!?! the hubs couldn't have picked a better week to be gone... leaving me stranded and trying to judge spaces and distance while contorting my body to see the process in the mirror. my oh my. i am not coordinated. i need a friend i can call in situations like these! ha. 

these days i'm going by the motto in the next picture (a little motivational gift from the hubs!). what's your motto these days?