my art.

i never thought i would enjoy sewing as much as i do. i remember watching my mom when i was a kid and thought, 'that's WAY too much work' and 'how could she possibly find that FUN?!' i always thought it was great when i saw the completed projects, and loved the quilt i snuggled under that made my bed so pretty. 

i have always loved to create things. i begged my dad for the 8 foot by 5 foot cork board that was in one of his offices and turned it into the biggest collage of my life. it was so much fun to put little bits and pieces of my life on that board over the years... it was full of scraps of paper, tiny pieces of fabric, pins and buttons... and i could tell you the story of every piece. i would also always steal the little scraps leftover from my mom's quilts and make crazy projects of my own... i made little bags, covers for my books... and the first clothing item i made was a little hippie tank top made especially for my 4th dave matthews band concert. (yes, i love him THAT much! ha)

after i got married last year we went to hawaii to visit family and do our "mock-honeymoon". while there, i thought it would be a good challenge for me to make a quilt. a big quilt. one that you have to follow directions to make. (i'm notorious for changing patterns to make them my own, or because i hate to follow directions...) i completed my challenge. i was pretty proud of myself... and when my husband was shocked and delighted, it make it all that much more special. 

since then, i've made two more quilts.... and thought i'd share the latest with you; plus a little piece of art i just made this afternoon for our bedroom. enjoy! 

my latest quilt:

an up-close look:

our new art: