on being snooty.

i guess everyone has their snooty moments. be it regarding your favorite coffee, place to visit, or brand of clothing. but you don't have to be rude about it. seriously. if you think one thing is better than another, say your piece (NICELY) and then let others choose for themselves. that being said, here's why i'm writing this.

the hubs and i went down to roundrock to the outlet mall to check it out and *hopefully* find me some clothes for my new job. we went walking through, and honestly, i'm not a big fashion gal so i didn't recognize a lot of the names. we just walked in and out of the stores looking around and everything was going swimmingly until we entered snooty-ville. aka theory. the store had a super cute dress i thought i might try on, although upon entering and walking past the first table of clothing, the hubs whispered, "the tank top is like 85 bucks!" i knew it was a pricey little place, but didn't know you had to look a certain way to afford their clothing.

the sales girl came over as we walked through the store and asked if we were looking for anything in particular. i told her, no, we were just looking around... to which she responded with, "well, if you need any help i'll be over here..." and then she had the audacity to look me up and down and roll her eyes as she slithered away like the slippery little wench that she was. my hubs quickly said thanks as he saw my head spin, my eyes go wide, and my *rather famous* crazy eyebrow hit my hairline in anger. i'm pretty sure my face was on fire and smoke billowed out of my ears and around my head. 

i was angry, frustrated at her effrontery, and horror at how rude she was. my self-esteem was always pretty high went through the floor and hit the core of the earth at that very moment. i felt as if i were dressed like a hipster slob. my hair looked cute & was curly all over like i had just been through a tornado. i should have learned to wear make-up years ago to cover up my pretty color-lacking, boring face. 

isn't it funny how someone you *royally* hate and think is a complete moron, and (oh by the way) a clerk in a retail store put there to wait on you, can be such a downer. ugh. she totally harshed my mellow. ruined my day. blegh. 

then i got over it. when i found a super cute dress on sale at white house black market. if that store was a little less expensive i'd buy one of everything they sell. i love that place. 

i'm back to my old self again today i'm happy to report (as i type this in a tshirt, northface capris, and my birkenstock. i feel fabulous.