party time.

so my birthday is coming
i don't want or need anything
but if i had an endless budget...
these are some of the things i'd surely buy.
enjoy my online window shopping.

i'd run right over to sarah + abraham and have a field day. with this. in-touch clutch. 

then i'd grab a friend and go peruse at sublime stiching for a kit or two to embellish my life.
dressing on the side is up next on the spree. for an amazingly adorable t-shirt.

then i'd head here for this plant stand so i can stop moving my plants around all of the time so they don't kill our grass weed yard!

i'd LITERALLY run to get this next item Vibram 5 Fingers... and then slip them on my feet ASAP! oohlala!

and then i'd ask to be sent HERE doesn't it look amazing?!