a new app!

so, i have to admit i'm totally addicted to new apps on my iphone! some of them are so much fun, some keep me entertained for HOURS, and others keep me nice and organized. my latest app love goes out to a little gem called hipstamatic. i want to take a picture of everything in my life and everything i see through my hipsta camera! stay tuned for more pics from my new-found love, but in the meantime..... enjoy these! 

then go buy the fab app if you have an iphone! happy app'ing! 


*my always reminder of his love*

*strawberry sprout*

*baby basil*


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  2. I'm glad to see you started another strawberry plant. You're good with those. :)

    Is there some blog prompt about apps this week? You're the second person I know to write about them!

  3. nope, not a challenge that i know of... just fell in love with this app and thought i'd write about it!

  4. Ha! Can you tell I struggled getting that comment posted?


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