a serious matter.

got my ass on the treadmill this morning, and now after all is said and done, i feel much better... it's always easier to sit on the couch and watch food network when you have worked some of your fat for the day. ha.

so. back to the serious issue at hand. i really couldn't even keep count of how many times during my workout i thought, "what was i thinking?!" the culprit: my period. who feels good during these terrible days of the month in the first place? and then i think its a good idea to get back to working out in the middle of the mess. OMG. i have officially lost my mind. the rest of my body felt great- but the aching throbbing crampy feeling in my lower belly really put a damper on that high you get when you are exercising.

and let me say this in further disgust to whomever it is, likely a man, that designs pads: you suck. i really think that whoever the designer is needs to wear each one they design while working out and getting all fabulously sweaty, and subsequently chafed. thanks an f'in lot, buddy. no matter how thin, or utterly dri-weaved, or winged they make them, they are uncomfortable and let's face it, they always rub you the wrong way. ugh.

i'm in disgust with them. boo.

so there. my rant for the day. i'm feeling much better i got that all out. and i'm sure i just killed my measly readership to even further depths.

happy working out during your period!!


  1. Haha! Amen, sister. There's always a day or two when I just want to crawl under a rock and not have to do ANYTHING. Ugh. And pads suck. I prefer tampons, but some people hate them. An interesting debate . . .

  2. I myself am a Tampon lover! Thats is when I have to use them, I enjoy Depo much more, since I do not have a cycle while on the birth control!!! Here's to better periods!

  3. yeah i'm a tampon gal too... but the pads come in handy just to make sure that there aren't any 'accidental overflow' issues... if ya know what i mean! ;) i haven't been able to use birth control in a long time because i turn into a raging psycho... and we all know i don't need any help in that arena!


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