thinking thin.

but more importantly healthy! i am going to start working out again and since i don't have anyone to work out with in person, i am going to force myself to put my workouts on my blog everyday so i can be held accountable. there is no certain plan i'll be following other than one that gets me off my butt, onto the treadmill (or out the door) and makes me feel better! i haven't quite found a BIG goal to work towards, so the first milestone will be:

the copperas cove (my little town) jackrabbit run for hope. according to the countdown, there are only 33 days to go, so i certainly need to get myself in gear, or i'll be hobbling instead of running!

are any of you working out now? interested in starting? do you have a goal in mind you'd like to achieve?? i'd love to hear about it! tomorrow starts my working out routine... even the hubs is getting up extra early to hit the treadmill before work... lucky for me i don't have to get up so early!

have a hippity hoppity healthy night! i'll be back tomorrow with my first update... and some more fun stuff to share with you too!