who doesn't love flower power?!

ok, i know we all hate that time of the year when everywhere you go there is a girl scout trying to sell you cookies- or a boy scout with his popcorn- or a kid selling crappy home decor for your house- BUT- hear me out... this is a school fundraiser i can totally get behind! it's called flower power fundraising and if you check out the link, you'll find this particular fundraiser is for hayfield track & field... and one of the team members is a kid named cory who i used to babysit... in my mind i'm still 18 and he's the kid i have to help look both ways to cross the street, but in all actuality he's all grown up now and running one of my fav sports! 

if you need some color to your garden, or are looking for some yummy tomato plants, check it out. the team will get 50% of the sale and the shipping is a flat rate of 5 bucks! i couldn't resist adding some more color to my gardens- flowers can always make you smile! check it out, and then let me know what you get, we can share pics of our
gardens when everything starts bloomin'! yay! i ended up getting more lavender and some pepper plants.... can't wait to hear about what you couldn't resist! 

happy shopping, planting, and enjoying your beautiful garden!

**photo courtesy of judy fish**


  1. That top hat blueberry bush looks amazing!!!

  2. i know! i really wanted it... but since we don't have our own house i opted against it... it would be yummy though!


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