babies all around!

i am a quintessential may baby. 
love the sun. 
flowers make me smile. 
have i told you i'm stubborn?

i share a birthday with my brother in law, his wife's (my sister in law) birthday is shortly after. then my stepson's birthday. then my cousin. then my nephew.

as if may wasn't already jam-packed with birthday love, i got the best text message yesterday from one of my dearest friends who had just had her baby boy. it's their first baby and i know they are just overjoyed by his arrival. i was thrilled for a number of reasons. kate is amazing. she loves (with a MAJOR passion) the color red, how could i not love her for that?! she exudes happiness and lights up any room she enters. i know she will be a fabulous mother because she is such a special person.  

kate and tom, 
i wish you the most amazing little man in the world! he is simply beautiful and i can't wait to meet him. may he have kate's passion for life, and tom's brains and laugh. you will both be amazing parents! here's to a new chapter in your life together! i love you! huzzah!

in addition to kate and tom's new addition... i have a new little addition as of yesterday also- my little barn swallows had their teeny tiny babies! they are so tiny they aren't even making any noise that i can hear. i saw mama bird fly away this morning and ran to get my camera and the step-stool. the pictures aren't the greatest, mostly because i can't see into the nest, so please don't think i've lost my touch ;) 

happy may birthdays to everyone! 


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